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Private Cardroom Bounty Chips [43mm]

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The Private Cardroom Bounty Chips are designed to complement the Private Cardroom Poker Chips and Dealer Button perfectly!


Owning a set of Private Cardroom poker chips provides a degree of integrity in your home game, as these chips are not mass-produced and sold everywhere.

For the ultimate in poker game security, check out our custom poker chips.  100% customized poker chips means complete and total safety in your home poker game.


  • Diameter: 43mm nominally (42.5mm actual)
  • Thickness: 3.3mm
  • Weight: 12g
  • Printed in the USA by the premier poker chip manufacturer to many large casinos
  • Casino-quality ceramic/polymer blend
  • Rounded edges won't chip when dropped
  • Full-color graphics on faces and rolling edge
  • Graphics printed directly into the chip
  • Unique design
  • No stickers that peel off
  • No metal insert to make them heavier to feign quality

Money-Back Guarantee

If, for some reason, your Private Cardroom Bounty poker cheques don't meet your expectations, send them back for a full refund of the purchase value of the poker chips minus shipping costs. Buyer pays return shipping.

About Our Chips

We work with the best poker chip distributor in the business to produce the world's finest casino quality poker chip set. Ours is the best poker chip manufacturer, used by major casinos, poker rooms, and riverboats in the US and abroad. When you buy poker chips from Aurora Poker Gear, you can be sure you're getting the highest quality poker equipment at the lowest price available.



Shipping & Returns

If the item doesn't meet your
expectations, send it back for a full refund of the purchase value minus shipping costs. Buyer pays return shipping.

Care Instructions

Sometimes our poker chips arrive with a white residue, as a result of the printing process. This will come off over time. The more you handle the chips, the faster it will come off. If you'd like to speed up the process, just wipe them with a warm, damp cloth. You may use a mild dish-washing liquid.

How to order custom chips

Click/tap here to find out how our custom chip designing process works.

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