Poker is a deathmatch.  A poker tournament is the arena.  Once the cards are in the air, it's kill or be killed.  Strangers, friends, family.  Women, children; it matters not.  They must all go.  For in the end, there can be only one.  We wanted the Havoc Bounty Chips to reflect the brutality of this calculated and cold process of elimination and to exhibit the elegance required to avoid putting your life on the line in the wrong spots.


Plus they just look really cool.  This is for five green chips.  We think it's pretty sweet, but if you'd prefer another color.  Check our other items for other colors!


Material:  Casino-grade ceramic

Diameter:  39mm, 1.54" (US casino size)

Customizable:  No

Email us for custom order quantities and volume discounts.


Shipping:  Free shipping via USPS First Class Mail included in price.

Havoc Bounty Chip (Green) - 5 Chips

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