What is the APEX 1000?  More than just a birdcage poker chip fill carrier, it also features:

- 1000-chip capacity (400/600/800-chip models to follow)

- Glass-filled nylon construction

- Four dealer button compartments

- Two card compartments (hold up to 4 decks)

- Large, recessed finger holes

- Chip rack stabilizers

- Easy-to-carry handle

- Beveled lid joints

- 6mm high-clarity acrylic

- Mortise-and-tenon joinery for handle and base

- Round bottom and rubber feet

- Mix-and-match colors (coming soon)

- Automotive paint (if demand merits)

- ...and it's much more affordable

The only problem?  We don't yet have the capital to manufacture it.  Help us change the poker equipment landscape, starting with The APEX 1000 and pre-order yours today!

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